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Last of 2020

"Change the vibration/energy - Change the manifestation of the mass".

In other words our thoughts and actions effect those around us and ourselves. The negative energy in the world right now has become a ridiculous "white noise" that is recognized but does not need to be accepted. Last night I made the choice to manifest positive energy and vibration and to offset the environment around me, so......

Being positive is one thing. Acting positive is quite another.

It really means letting go of fear first and trusting the universe that all will be ok, and why would it not be? We as humans deserve the best. One problem or observation right now is we are all being bombarded/suffocated or otherwise inundated with negative energy and events.

But, there is a lot of positive and good things going on we do not know about on a daily basis and that is what we need to concentrate on right now.

Be social with other, be kind and understanding to everyone especially to your friends. Give them a hug, for those that accept them, and reassure them everything is going to be ok and you are there for them.

It is time for community to come together in support of one another for a beautiful future. As of this moment this is my future and intention. Someone asked me this year "What do you think is going to happen?" I replied "Whatever you can imagine is a possible future". I intend to imagine a future in which we all flourish and grow for our highest and greatest good.


Justin and Bonita

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